Account translation
Account translation

Arabic Accounts Translations

Make your accounts compliant with Articles 1 & 3 of Saudi Commercial law

Arabic accounts translation KSA services in the E-invoicing software is in demand in the region of Saudi Arabia, our system contribute to various Arabic Accounts translation services to a large number of medium and large-sized companies in KSA, where. Company setup Saudi Arabia function of the e-invoicing software is an efficient feature, easy to use and convenient. It helps in the formation of a company setup. Arabic GL system Saudi Arabia offers system support recording of accounting journals by an easy and controlled manner. Account Translation Saudi Arabia has one of the biggest translation and publishing markets in the region, and we are exerting all efforts to grow the sector E-Invoicing solution plays a crucial role in its deployment. Translation Account is a vital component which makes it easier for users in translating Arabic into English.

Features of our service

Chart Of Accounts

Translations of complete Chart of Accounts, Ledgers, Vouchers, Trial Balances and other final reports

Accounting terms

Our accounts translations are done by professional Accountants who are aware of accounting terms and regulatory accounting language

Detailed translations

Detailed translations of all abbreviations, business terms, customer/supplier/employee names and other accounting terms specific to your business

Import Accounts

EDS will import your accounts into our own Bilingual GL system which will maintain a fully functional Arabic version of your accounts, for all regulatory purposes

E invoicing

With our E-Invoicing system, EDS will also help you become compliant with E-Invoicing for KSA

Reconcile Accounts

EDS will fully reconcile your accounts with our Arabic accounts, record any Audit adjustments, etc and will support you in case of any Zakat dept visits

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